Our TWO Temps of the Quarter have been announced!

Friday, February 5, 2021

We received some amazing nominations for the last quarter of 2020 and are delighted to hear that our temps are doing such a brilliant job, under quite unusual circumstances. As a result of the glowing nominations, we have actually decided to have two ‘Temps of the Quarter’. Leanne surprised both candidates via MS Teams this week. We are proud to announce our 'Temps of the Quarter' are Nazmul Hussain and Tahrik Wheeler!! The nominations received for Naz and Tahrik were absolutely amazing and we felt both deserved this title. Well done gentlemen, we are delighted to hear you are doing such a brilliant job and we hope you enjoy your voucher and hang your certificate proudly!


Naz's nomination:

I'd like to nominate Nazmul (Naz) Hussain for this award!

Naz Hussain has been part of the Teaching and Learning Support Team for over a year now, having joined in September 2019. Naz's role provides support for all programmes and students across the School primarily in two key areas: extenuating circumstances and timetabling. This is a vital role in the School and Naz has proven himself indispensable. 

Naz is so outwardly calm and relaxed that you would never guess he has processed potentially the highest number of extenuating circumstances (EC) cases across the University!  Following the enhanced EC process in 2020 to manage the impact of the virus, we received a huge influx of EC requests. By the end of 19/20, Naz had processed EC requests for over 3000 assessments and has been working hard to clear hundreds of new cases in the last few weeks of 2020. Furthermore, with this aspect of his role he has become more familiar with the support available to students at the University which has enhanced his student communications.

Over the past 9 months, we have had to re-work the timetable multiple times and Naz has always actioned any changes on CMIS very quickly, taking the lead on raising queries with our timetabling business partner. Academic and professional services colleagues will frequently go to Naz directly regarding timetabling queries rather than coming to me. 

Naz has coped well during this extended period of remote working. He works very closely with me in my capacities as both Teaching and Learning Manager and School Tutor and makes my life infinitely easier. He is reliable and flexible and hasn't baulked at our ever-increasing student numbers and modules. He has also shown himself to be keen to learn new things and has found it interesting to broaden his experience, providing input into processes and suggesting improvements. 

Despite the very high workload at times, Naz has shown himself to be a dedicated team player and has helped support tasks not within his direct remit to help the rest of the team. Naz is a key member of the team, gets on with everybody and joins in away days and social events, both face-to-face and virtually! The extent to which Naz is valued is highlighted by the fact that we are even fighting over Naz's support within the team! When recruiting recently, colleagues on the team told me they would love for Naz to take on their vacant posts, but I wouldn't let him go! So vital is his support to my role. Thank you Naz!

Nominated by Michelle Tinsley


Tahrik's nomination:

“What I have heard from other members of the University is that the project has been a major success so far and I have had great feedback from everyone that Tahrik works with. He has gone above and beyond on this work stream”.

“Tahrik works on several projects in the role of Project Support. On one specific project, Virtual Common Rooms (VCR), he has stepped up to run the ‘service’ going above and beyond his day to day role. Virtual Common Rooms are set up in MS Teams to provide students with an online informal space to communicate – very important to the University and set up in response to Covid-19. During September Tahrik learnt to use scripts to process requests for VCRs, setting up over 250 VCRs and added nearly 25,000 students to them during the month, communicating directly with people across the University to achieve this and managing their queries and issues. The process itself was not always without issues and so Tahrik also became the person to triage the issues with our technical team and tester of the fixes we needed to apply. All the requests received were processed within the agreed SLA and Tahrik has been central to the process. We couldn’t have done it without him.  Add to this that he managed daily reporting of the statistics directly to the project senior sponsors and continuing to do all the other project support tasks assigned to him. He has had to be highly organised, learn new skills & technologies and communicate clearly within the project and with academic colleagues from all departments. And all this when working remotely. A really fantastic effort"

Nominated by Evelyn Johnson and Dominic Black


Thanks to everyone who made a nomination.  The nominees have been notified and are so grateful for the recognition the nominations give them.

To all of our temps, we are so appreciative of the high standards you are setting and we appreciate you representing our agency to such a high level, daily.

We are now accepting nominations for the first quarter of this year!