• I have worked with Gray and Associates Recruitment Services for 18 months and have been very happy with the range of professional services temporary positions which have given me the opportunity to learn new skills. Leanne is a consummate professional: friendly, motivating, approachable and considerate. She responds to queries in a timely manner and always puts one at ease. I would highly recommend Leanne and her team for recruitment purposes, as the team are simply fantastic! It has been a pleasure working with Grays.

    Gillian Mar 2022
  • From the off, Christina and her team were proactive and professional in their approach. Both Christina and Leanne gave me excellent advice and they matched me quickly to a suitable temporary role. I would highly recommend Christina and her team to both candidates and recruiters!

    Christine Feb 2022
  • In the five years I've been temping I've encountered some agencies whose practices, should I say, were a tad questionable in order to land you that assignment. If you're in-between roles or just like the idea of temping because it suits your work/lifestyle balance, I can't recommend Gray & Associates Recruitment Services highly enough. They're not huge and that's what I love about them; you speak to the same person regularly, you receive a reply if not almost immediately, at the very least on the same day, plus they don't BS you when it comes to putting you forward for roles thereby wasting your time. Leanne Sangster has been my go to person at Gray's and she does the agency proud - professionalism, support, empathy and understanding personified. In the nicest possible way I hope never to have to use them again but if I do find myself unemployed again, they'll be the first agency I'll turn to. Thank you Gray's for steering me right and for all your hard work on my behalf!

    Regina Feb 2022
  • A great 'thank you' Leanne for your professionalism and support during my recent job search. The online recruitment market has become increasingly tough and impersonal. Finding a new role, as we all know, is hard work. It has been very reassuring having a direct contact and an interested team at Gray & Associates working on my behalf and making an exceptional effort. Best wishes to you all

    Bernice Feb 2022
  • I had been registered with Gray and Associates for just over two years and had received a high level of service from Leanne throughout this time. If I had a query, I would receive a response within an hour on almost every occasion. Where else can you receive such a high level of customer service! It was exceptional. It was clear that Leanne had a person centred approach and would always ensure that my needs were met as best as possible, whilst always providing clear explanations where this was not possible. I was also extremely impressed by her emphasis on well-being particularly through the initial stages of Covid with lots of support provided and was very touched to receive a gift from Gray and Associates after the passing of my grandmother during this time. I would highly recommend Leanne and the whole Gray and Associates team.

    Khiera Jan 2022
  • I can definitely recommend Gray & Associates... I'd know cos I'm still enjoying their services, even through the rockiest of times we have managed to rise above and achieve heights not thought possible.. I still vividly remember when I stepped into their office to talk with Leanne Sangster back then, and how quickly I got sorted out into a role in record time till now. She's always there to lend a listening ear with a dedication to always fighting the course if her employees.. they run an envious, seamless lean team.. Kudo to the team and their passion to achieving success!!!

    Emeka Jan 2022
  • Grays is the best agency I have worked through after many years of working through 'bigger' agencies. Leanne at Grays is excellent and clearly does her best for both candidates and clients. I'm always impressed at the consistently friendly, genuine and five star service with fast responses to any queries. I have always been matched to the roles which are right for me and have always been paid on time. Highly recommended.

    Matt Jan 2022
  • For me Gray and Associates have been my work family. The whole team works together to make it so much more than a recruitment agency. They have supported me in applying for the right roles. They helped me expand my career prospects by helping me understand the full value of my skillset and experience. They are always available if you need them and have been extremely supportive in uncertain times like the pandemic. Leanne is and has been simply the best! I can't thank her enough for helping me build the confidence to seek more senior positions and the best fit for me and my quirky self. She has been instrumental in building myself a new life filled with positive experiences and learning.

    Gray's has a well-earned impeccable reputation for their professionalism and an ethical approach to work.
    Whether you are starting your career, returning after a break or looking for your next adventure, they are the best agency around. I recommend them wholeheartedly. You will be in good hands and don't ever need to feel like "just another temp" :).

    Sabah Dec 2021
  • Gray & Associates is one of the best recruitment agencies I have worked with. Throughout the years working on temporary assignments, I found that Leanne has been a friendly, professional, and knowledgeable Senior Manager. who is always on hand to provide an excellent service, and answer any queries for her temps.
    I would like to say a big thank you to everyone at Gray & Associates, and I would highly recommend Leanne, Christina and the rest of the team to anyone seeking new opportunities in the future.

    Suzanne Aug 2021
  • "Grays service has been 10/10. They have been very helpful throughout the entire process. They keep you well informed of new jobs and always keep you updated on the progress of any applications made. The staff are very friendly, approachable and more importantly very understanding towards the needs off their clients. I never use agencies to find employment due to past experiences which have been not very good, however, Gray & Associates are entirely different and they found me a job within 2 weeks!!! I would recommend Gray’s to everyone. I’m surprised to see that they haven’t exploded into this massive recruitment agency yet, watch this space"

    Norul Jul 2021