A poem about Recruitment

Friday, June 9, 2023

"In the realm of ambition, where dreams take flight, 
Where hopes and aspirations seek their height, 
There lies a dance, a delicate pursuit, 
A tapestry woven with talent and recruit.
In the halls of enterprises, both great and small, 
The quest for excellence echoes through each hall, 
Employers seek diamonds, sparkling and rare, 
To join their ranks with expertise to share.
Recruitment, the art of selection refined, 
An alchemy blending skills and minds, 
Seeking the sparks that ignite the flame, 
To fuel innovation and drive the game.
The journey begins, casting a wide net, 
Sifting through resumes, a task not to forget, 
Credentials like stars that twinkle and shine, 
Promising tales of triumphs in each line.

Interviews commence, where personalities bloom, 
Unveiling potential, dispelling any gloom, 
From nervous first words to confident display, 
A glimpse of potential, a shining ray.
The recruiters, conductors of this grand affair, 
Navigating a landscape both intricate and fair, 
They ask the questions, they listen, they learn, 
Seeking the qualities that make spirits churn.
They look for passion, that fiery desire, 
To fuel dedication, to never tire, 
For in the heart of a candidate lies, 
The potential to soar and reach the skies.
The chosen few, handpicked with care, 
Embrace their roles, eager to bear, 
The burdens and challenges that lie ahead, 
As they join the ranks, where brilliance is bred.

Recruitment, a symphony of harmony, 
Uniting the puzzle pieces, creating unity, 
For in the right mix, in the right embrace, 
Lies the power to conquer and embrace.

So, to those who seek to build their team, 
With visions of greatness, a collective dream, 
May your recruitment journey be guided by art, 
As you gather the talents that will set you apart".


Leanne Sangster

Associate Director