• My career wouldn’t be the same without Christina. Amazing at what she does. Thank you!

    Arran Dec 2022
  • I have worked with Leanne and her colleagues at Grays as both an employer and a job seeker and can confidently say that she is an absolute pleasure to work with. Leanne's eye for detail means that she is able to find great matches for both those who are seeking temporary work and those who are seeking temporary employees. Not an easy task, I'm sure. However, it will be almost effortless for yourself, as Leanne keeps you updated throughout the process, asks the right questions to find exactly what you need, and is quick and efficient in finding it. She's completely brilliant and it would be the right choice to work with her.

    Vivien Nov 2022
  • Professional, supportive and encouraging are the words that spring to mind when I think about Christina. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Christina for over 3 years now, as well being a client of Gray & Associates.

    Above all, I was impressed with Christina’s ability to support and guide me during my own personal recruitment process, and most importantly her ability to provide the organisation I work for with such a high calibre of staff, the scrutiny that takes place when finding the correct applicant for a specific role is second to none.

    Christina has the professional acumen to understand and have the foresight to know what and who would be best placed for her clients and job seekers alike. I would strongly recommend Christina and her recruitment agency, she’s amazing!!

    Tav (Childrens Charity) November 2022
  • Leanne is like the BIG sister you never thought you needed or had in this big wide world of commerce, who sees your potential before you even realise it has arrived, supporting you every step of the way, in being able to identify your strengths and skills and affording you the encouragement to move forward in your career with the utmost confidence.
    Leanne’s encouragement is never ending, always going far beyond the call of duty whenever life throws you a curve ball.
    Not just Leanne, but the whole Team at Gray & Associates have been supporting my working life for almost 10 years now, and I can say, without reservation, their support and professionalism has only gained in stature with each passing year, making this Agency one of the very best on the market to work for.

    Glen October 2022
  • Leanne Sangster is highly professional, efficient, reliable and competent in her provision. She is very personable and I wholeheartedly recommend her service and that of Gray & Associates Recruitment Services.

    Sati October 2022
  • Leanne is a true professional, so friendly and helpful. She kept me updated throughout the process and went above and beyond her role as Senior Manager to secure my current position as PA. Her negotiation skills are amazing and her customer care, caring. Thanks a lot Leanne am so happy to be recommending you. I know you’ll keep up the great work as that’s the sort of person you are!

    Maxine October 2022
  • This is my first time working with Gray & Associates. I highly recommend them to any job seeker. I would like to thank Leanne for her prompt actions and taking the extra mile on a few occasions whenever I had any issue. I find the agency very pleasant to work with and I’m delighted that I have registered with a professional and positive agency like Gray & Associates. Thanks for your time and support.

    Mustapha October 2022
  • Leanne and Amani for Gray and Associates have been absolutely outstanding in finding me the perfect and most suitable role for me. They’ve constantly stuck their necks out for me to make sure that I’m placed in a role and have always believed in me and helped me to the best of their ability and I’m very grateful to be here with Gray and Associates.

    Emmanuel October 2022
  • I have worked with Leanne on and off since 2016 (if not longer), and really value how Leanne operates more as a mentor, helping to identify strengths in my skills and experiences, and competencies. Very responsive and empathic, Leanne is always on hand to provide impartial advice and solutions. As such, if I ever require short-term work, I always email Leanne as my preferred agency.

    Nadja July 2022
  • I have received outstanding support, advice and professional service from Leanne during my time at Grays. Always available and approachable, thinking out of the box and finding solutions for any issue which may arise during a mission with a client. I have used many recruitment agencies in the past, Gray Agency being the best on the market for higher education roles and I was very impressed, from application to placement, timesheet processing, payment, etc. I have now secured a permanent role which was originally a placement with Grays, so I am grateful to Leanne for all her hard work and dedication, and the positive change and outcome it had in my personal life and career. I highly recommend!

    Lucie June 2022