• I am writing to recommend Gray & Associates Recruitment Services to anyone who is looking for a new job. I had the pleasure of working with Sian from G&A to find a new role, and I was very impressed with her service. The first thing that I noticed about Sian and G&A was their professionalism. They were very responsive to my enquiries, and they always kept me up-to-date on the status of my application. They also took the time to understand my needs and goals, and they made sure to match me with roles that were a good fit for me. Another thing that I appreciated was their personal touch. They weren't just interested in filling a job opening; they were interested in helping me find a role that would make me happy. They took the time to get to know me, and they were always there to answer my questions and provide me with support. I am happy to say that I was eventually offered a job through G&A, and I am now very happy in my new role. I would definitely recommend Sian and G&A to anyone who is looking for a new job. They are a professional and personal agency that is committed to helping their clients find the right fit. Here are some specific things that I appreciated about G&A:
    1. Their responsiveness: They were always quick to respond to my emails and calls.
    2. Their understanding of my needs: They took the time to understand my skills, experience, and goals.
    3. Their personal touch: They weren't just interested in filling a job opening; they were interested in helping me find a role that would make me happy.
    4. Their commitment to their clients: They were always there to answer my questions and provide me with support.

    Overall, I had a very positive experience with Sian and G&A. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for a new job.

    Michael June 2023
  • I first started temping with Gray & Associates around 4 years ago and I can honestly say that they're the best agency I've dealt with. I've been temping for almost 20 years now and have been signed up with some of the big agencies, but none of those provide anywhere near as good a service as Gray & Associates. From 2019-2021, they kept me consistently in back to back roles at UCL. When one contract ended, they already had another one lined up for me so I was never out of work. Many of my roles were also extended, with one that was meant to be 6 weeks becoming an 18 month booking. Everyone in the team is really friendly, professional and helpful and I can always count on them to get whatever I need done and resolve the very few issues that come up very quickly. I took a fixed term contract and stopped temping for 15 months, but as soon as I notified them I was available for work again, they had secured a new temp postion for me in 3 days! Honestly couldn't ask for more and couldn't be happier with the service I receive and I would highly recommend to anyone!

    Gina June 2023
  • I found Leanne when looking for temp roles at UCL University. Even though I was not under employment with Leanne and Gray Recruitment, Leanne took a good amount of time speaking to me both initially and afterwards, to advise me on my rights as a temp worker. Leanne advised and supported me on a couple of difficult points that cropped up, regarding holiday pay and gave me some excellent advice on how to handle and problem solve the obstacles. I am very grateful, as she was willing to do this even though I was not employed by Gray's agency at the time. Leanne also takes time to find out what you are after jobwise and what you are interested in, as well as your experience, and goes above and beyond, to enquire more information from employers, so that I was able to make a solid decision. I have just finished a long continually extended temp role at UCL, which was made extra successful, with Leanne's advice, so thank you Leanne. I hope to work via Gray Recruiment sometime. I fully recommend Leanne, her willingness to share knowledge for tricky times, was invaluable. Thank you.

    Abigail June 2023
  • I thoroughly recommend Gray & Associates. They spent time to help me prepare for my interviews and have been very supportive throughout my temporary employment. Thank you for being so brilliant!

    Karen Apr 2023
  • I have had a wonderful experience working with Christina over the past 3 years and have experienced tremendous personal and professional growth in various areas such as leadership, communication skills and relational skills. The team at Gray & Associates was always very proactive. Leanne was an absolute star as well.
    Christina was always there and ready if I needed any support or have any questions that needed answer. The amount of support that I received from Christina during the COVID-19 and to bring my family to join me in the UK goes without saying. The level of attention, caring and kindness was excellent.
    I wish you and the entire team at Gray & Associates Recruitment Services continued success.

    Job Apr 2023
  • Leanne is an absolutely outstanding recruiter. I have been thoroughly impressed with her professionalism and integrity, which have undoubtedly contributed to her success in the field.
    One of the key qualities that I appreciate about her is her honesty. She is always upfront and transparent about the recruitment process, ensuring that both the client and the candidate are fully informed and aware of what to expect. She has an excellent understanding of the market and can quickly identify the right candidate for the right job.
    I must also commend her for the way she treats candidates with respect and dignity. She understands that the recruitment process can be a challenging and stressful time for candidates, and she goes out of her way to make them feel valued and supported.
    I wholeheartedly endorse Leanne to anyone in search of an excellent recruitment professional. She is a true asset to the industry and sets the bar high for others to follow.

    Sonia Apr 2023
  • I'm very grateful to Leanne who has helped me find a job role which fits my skills and experience. Leanne and the team have been so helpful, supportive and responsive all the way. I have been registered to a few agencies before but this has definitely been the smoothest and most professional one by far, I highly recommend them!

    Sara March 2023
  • I would like to commend the diligent and delightful team at Gray & Associates for their commitment to excellence and for their outstanding service when supporting clients in every conceivable way. Gray & Associates is an exceptional independent recruitment agency that ensures clients are well prepared before, during and after the recruitment process for a suitable professional role.
    I especially appreciate how friendly and supportive all the consultants at Gray & Associates are - in particular, Gino and Leanne, who constantly go above and beyond to ensure that I am found a suitable role where I can bring value and my expansive skillset in the best way possible to any team.
    Gray & Associates is a brilliant and fast-expanding leader within the field of recruitment with a proven track record of delivering, as a result of their highly professional, efficient and consistent team.
    Due to the wide range of professional roles in a vast amount of fields, as well as a passion for their work, the consultants at Gray & Associates efficiently helped me land several befitting roles specifically tailored to my experience and skill set, to ensure my success within any role.
    I am pleased and express my gratitude to be a part of Gray & Associates and I hope for an ongoing professional relationship with them in the future.

    Haleemat Mar 2023
  • Leanne Sangster is highly professional, reliable, friendly and really helpful. I registered with the agency in January but then got a role elsewhere, which wasn’t a good fit for me.
    I contacted Leanne last Wednesday to update her on my current situation and she discussed a registration officer role with me, which I was very interested in! I secured an interview for the Friday that same week and got the job the same day!! Leanne you are a star and amazing! I would recommend her service and also the rest of the team at Gray & Associates Recruitment Services.

    Simone Mar 2023
  • I would like to say thanks to Leanne and the team. Whilst I was searching for good opportunities, Leanne contacted me and after few weeks I have an opportunity in my hands. I didn't expect this so quickly. She is also responsive all the time. Right now, I have a good opportunity (Temp role) which has been provided by Gray & Associates. I would like continue one after another. I highly recommend Leanne and team for good opportunities.
    Thank you Leanne!

    Kumar Mar 2023