Tuesday, November 7, 2023

The Pre-Interview Paradox: Why 61. % of candidates are left guessing

The Silent Majority

For the 61.8% of job seekers left in the dark, the journey to an interview room can be riddled with uncertainties. Without adequate information on the interview format, key areas of focus, or the identities of their interviewers, candidates are deprived of the opportunity to prepare effectively. This deficit in preparation can lead to a misalignment of expectations and prevent both parties from engaging in a meaningful assessment of suitability.

The Ripple Effect

The consequences of this information gap extend beyond individual interviews. When a candidate enters an interview without the necessary context, it is not just their performance that suffers. The company's brand may also be perceived as disorganized or inconsiderate, potentially deterring top talent from considering future opportunities. Moreover, this lack of transparency can inadvertently exacerbate biases, undermining efforts to promote diversity and inclusion within the workplace.

Bridging the Gap

At Gray & Associates we take the time to offer candidates pre interview training. Some of the topics we like to address in our interview training calls are things such as how to prepare examples to demonstrate your experience in line with the role.  We provide an overview of what the client is looking for on an individual level and discuss the type of questions they will likely be asked. The reason we do this is to ensure that our candidates feel confident going into interviews and are prepared so that they can give the best version of themselves in that interview. We ensure that our candidates have a thorough understanding of who the client is, what their values are and the terms of employment should they be successful.


The startling statistic that less than half of all candidates receive comprehensive pre-interview information suggests there is ample room for improvement in the hiring process. By focusing on providing candidates with the tools they need for success, companies can not only enhance the quality of their interviews but also build a foundation for a stronger, more inclusive workforce.

Hugh Smith

Talent Acquisition Officer