Unravelling the Difference Between Good and Great Interviews - Tips for Candidates

Thursday, July 20, 2023

* Unravelling the Difference Between Good and Great Interviews - Tips for Candidates *


Interviews can be very daunting and preparation is always key! Your CV has done the groundwork and now it’s your time to shine. We’ve prepared the following tips to take your next interview from ‘good’ to ‘great’:


1. Preparation is Key:

Good Interview: Basic knowledge about the company and role.

Great Interview: Extensive research on the company's values, recent achievements, and challenges.


2. Showcase Your Passion

Good Interview: Answering questions with enthusiasm.

Great Interview: Demonstrating genuine passion and aligning it with the company's mission.


3. Emphasize Your Skills

Good Interview: Listing your skills and experiences.

Great Interview: Illustrating how your skills have positively impacted past roles and can add value to the new position.


4. Be a Great Listener

Good Interview: Responding to questions adequately.

Great Interview: Actively listening, engaging with the interviewer, and tailoring your answers accordingly.


5. Highlight Your Achievements

Good Interview: Describing your achievements briefly.

Great Interview: Presenting specific, quantifiable accomplishments that set you apart.


6. Be Memorable

Good Interview: Leaving a polite impression.

Great Interview: Creating a lasting impression by asking when you are likely to hear with a decision and thanking the interview panel for their time.


Remember, a great interview isn't about perfection but showcasing your genuine self and unique contributions. Prepare, be passionate, showcase your skills, listen attentively, and leave your mark.

You've got us cheering you on! Good luck!


Leanne Sangster

Associate Director