Why that little white lie isn't your best punchline!

Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Why that little white lie isn't your best punchline!

While job hunting, the temptation to sprinkle a dash of exaggeration onto your CV can be all too real. Picture this: a candidate transforms their summer internship into a Managerial role and their proficiency in Excel suddenly rivals that of a spreadsheet wizard. However, as we embark on this comedy of errors, let's explore why this humorous approach might not be the best punchline after all.

Firstly, imagine the awkward moment when the director of HR calls up your "former boss" – who, unbeknownst to you, has no memory of your epic stint as the office superhero. In the world of professional references, fiction is rarely well-received. Instead of landing a standing ovation, you might find yourself in the back row, wondering how your comedy routine went awry.

Let's not forget the world of social media. In an age where LinkedIn is the modern-day playbill, a quick scroll can reveal whether your one-person show matches the reality of your career. The internet is a relentless critic and a comedy of errors may quickly turn into a tragic comedy of unmasked fibs.
Honesty, it turns out, is the unsung hero of this endeavour. Authenticity in your CV not only prevents an embarrassing plot twist but also lays the foundation for genuine connections with potential employers. 

It's crucial to remember that an authentic CV is the real showstopper. Ditch the tall tales and let your true talents shine. When it comes to CV’s, honesty is not just the best policy – it's the punchline that leaves everyone laughing (and hiring) in the end.


Sian Griffiths

Talent Acquisition